Sponsor: Leadership Development International (LDi)


Leadership Development International (LDi) | LDi provides leadership development services, including teaching, experiential learning, and family services, in China and around the world. These offerings lay the groundwork for the relationships at the heart of LDi’s work. It’s here LDi uses professional skills to impact people at a personal level and help them discover transformation—from the inside out.

The parent company, Leadership Development International, has corporate offices in Atlanta, Tianjin and Beijing. Representing LDi work around the world, LDi connects people with opportunities to train, educate, build families, and to inspire through camps and sports.

LDi Education operates a network of K-12 international schools — International Schools of China — and provides educational management services (including hiring teachers) in the Middle East. LDi students are the children of expatriates working for multinational companies. And their unique experiences today will influence how they lead the world tomorrow.

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